Lib Media’s Desperate Smear: DeSantis, Rubio & Private Jets Exposed!

The latest attack by the liberal media on Florida Republicans running for president is laughably weak and filled with outright lies. The media is now trying to smear Governor Ron DeSantis as some sort of proto-Nazi supporter. It’s about as ridiculous as claiming that Marco Rubio’s luxury speedboat was actually a fishing boat. The truth is, these attacks are a crock.

Let’s start with DeSantis. The media is up in arms because he went on vacation with some rich friends. Well, newsflash, going on vacation with wealthy individuals is not a crime. And guess what? DeSantis wasn’t even Governor at the time! So, why is the media making such a fuss about it?

According to The Washington Post, DeSantis took some undisclosed trips on private jets and accepted lodging and dining in late 2018. But here’s the thing, these trips occurred between his election and inauguration as governor. And he didn’t report them as gifts or campaign contributions. So what’s the big deal?

The media is trying to make it seem like DeSantis did something wrong, but they conveniently fail to mention that there are legal ways to personally reimburse for these trips. It’s quite possible that DeSantis used this option and paid for the flights at the cost of coach airfare. But the media doesn’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

It’s clear that the liberal media is desperate to find any way to attack Republicans. They can’t stand the fact that DeSantis and other conservatives might have wealthy supporters. They tried to make a scandal out of a golf simulator donated to the governor’s mansion, for crying out loud! These attacks are nothing more than silly attempts to discredit Republicans.

In the end, the liberal media’s obsession with private jets and wealthy donors is just plain lame. They’re grasping at straws and trying to create scandals out of nothing. It’s time for the media to focus on real issues instead of peddling fake outrage. Democrats have gone on private jet trips too, but you don’t see the media making a fuss about that. It’s all about double standards and painting Republicans in a negative light. Enough is enough.

Written by Staff Reports

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