Liberal Justice Defends Conservative Colleague Against Desperate Smear Campaign

Another desperate smear campaign by the left has been dismissed after liberal Stephen Breyer defended his former colleague, the honorable Clarence Thomas, for the man of integrity that he is. For weeks, Democrats have tried to tarnish Thomas’ character and reputation by casting doubts on his friendship with a Republican donor named Harlan Crow. They have even gone so far as to call for his impeachment or investigation by the Justice Department over something as trivial as his failure to disclose vacations he took with Crow. It is worth noting that no indication of impropriety in the exchange of favors could be found, and Crow had never had a case before the court as long as Thomas was serving there.

Despite these vicious attacks, Thomas’ peers in the Supreme Court continue to defend his name. Just this Thursday, Stephen Breyer reiterated the unimpeachable character of his friend and colleague that he had known for years. He insisted that he never saw Thomas engage in any wrongdoing or underhandedness, and that he was a man of honesty and integrity until today.

Democrats have been trying to pressure the conservative court and Thomas with these smears, with the hope of reforming the court to align with their interests, as they lost control of it during Trump’s presidency. But they have failed to take into account the justices’ deference to the Supreme Court’s independence.

Despite their ideological differences, the justices are known for their courtesy and respect for each other. Breyer himself has spoken out against court packing. He said that he believes a Supreme Court code of ethics is unnecessary and would only complicate the court’s business. Any significant reform of the Supreme Court by Congress should raise concerns about the separation of powers, given the Democrats’ clear agenda of regaining control of the court.

The so-called scandal targeting Clarence Thomas and his supposed link to Crow only underscores their desperation and lack of any concrete political platform. Meanwhile, Justice Thomas remains a beacon of honesty and justice on the Supreme Court.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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