Top Leftist Economist Calls To Take Trump OFF The 2024 Ballot

Robert Reich, who served as the labor secretary under Bill Clinton, has controversially proposed that states should deny Donald Trump's inclusion on the 2024 presidential ballot due to alleged "treason." Reich contends that Trump's assertions that the 2020 presidential election was taken from him amount to treason under the 14th Amendment. This amendment forbids individuals guilty of insurrection against the United States from holding public office. However, this notion seems absurd, given that the Supreme Court has determined that Trump's allegations of election fraud do not constitute incitement or insurrection.

Reich described a worst-case scenario in which Biden triumphs in the 2024 election, yet Trump manages to rally a group of Republican state lawmakers to challenge Biden's electors. However, this conspiracy theory is baseless and has virtually no chance of happening. Additionally, Democrats presented a bill in December stating that Trump is ineligible for a second term, alleging that he "unequivocally participated in an insurrection on January 6, 2021." Nevertheless, this assertion has been repeatedly discredited.

Evidently, Reich is involved in an urgent effort to muzzle Trump and his supporters. Democrats and other left-leaning individuals recognize that Trump has emboldened conservative Americans, who were unheard during the prior administration. Their desire to silence Trump stems from a concern over the potential emergence of a triumphant conservative candidate in the future. Reich's views on this issue represent just another endeavor by the left to stifle conservative voices – in this instance, by preventing Trump from being listed on the ballot.

Though Reich has the right to express his views, it is unreasonable for him to urge state authorities to undermine the democratic process and deprive voters of their right to choose their preferred candidate. The left should cease their constant complaints and acknowledge the fact that Trump was, is, and will remain a valid contender for the US Presidency, regardless of their disagreements with him.

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Top Leftist Economist Calls To Take Trump OFF The 2024 Ballot

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