Liberals Let AI Lies Linger on Social Media!

The liberals and their Big Tech cronies are at it again! The Oversight Board, a group handpicked by Meta to keep an eye on what gets booted off Facebook and Instagram, has decided that AI-generated fake news can stay on the platforms as long as it’s labeled as fake. Can you believe this nonsense?

This whole mess started when some sneaky user posted a video on Facebook making it look like President Joe Biden was doing something inappropriate with his granddaughter. But get this, the original video just showed Biden giving his granddaughter a sticker. It’s like these lefties will stoop to any low to defame our great leader!

You’d think Meta would have the common sense to nix this kind of garbage, but they initially let it slide because, get this, it wasn’t a “deepfake.” Like, who cares about the details, right? But the Oversight Board backed them up, saying the video didn’t technically show Biden saying or doing something he didn’t say or do. Give me a break!

The Board’s Co-Chairman, Michael McConnell, had the nerve to call Meta’s policy on deepfakes “incoherent” and “confusing.” But hey, at least someone over there has a shred of common sense! McConnell pointed out that the policy doesn’t even cover audio fakes, which could be a real game-changer in swaying public opinion. The fact that Meta is just sitting around twiddling their thumbs instead of tightening up their rules is straight-up negligence!

And as if things weren’t bad enough, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is yapping about regulating AI in political ads to prepare for the 2024 elections. But don’t hold your breath for Congress to do anything about it. Looks like it’s up to the states and tech companies to clean up this mess. Typical!

In the meantime, Meta says they’re “reviewing” the Oversight Board’s guidance. But let’s be real, they’ll probably just drag their feet until they’re caught red-handed again. It’s time for us to stand up against these liberal tech giants and hold them accountable for their shady behavior!

Written by Staff Reports

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