Noem Shock Biden: “Puppet President Pushes Socialist Takeover!”

In this week's episode of FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures," Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) didn't shy away when questioned by host Maria Bartiromo about President Joe Biden's decision-making. Noem openly speculated that Biden is essentially a puppet in the White House, suggesting that someone else is orchestrating policies to push a "socialist, communist agenda."

Noem was direct in her assessment, stating, "He's weak. And somebody's — somebody is running the White House. I don't believe it's Joe Biden." According to Noem, Biden has never been this radical, and his administration's policies represent an "extreme remaking of America" with a "socialist, communist agenda." She accused the current Democratic Party of being infiltrated by these extreme ideals, transforming it into a "socialist party" that she believes doesn't stand for a strong America.

Governor Noem also voiced her concerns about the situation at the southern border, contending that individuals crossing into the United States are not motivated by love for the country or its values. She asserted that many are manipulated by Mexican cartels and put in perilous situations. Noem emphasized the importance of proper immigration procedures and stressed the consequences of neglecting them, placing the current situation at the southern border squarely on President Biden's shoulders.

Noem's strong and unapologetic statements provide insight into the conservative perspective on the Biden administration's policies and actions. It's evident that she is expressing firm opposition to what she perceives as a radical and damaging agenda. Noem's rhetoric reflects the deeply polarized and charged political climate, where each side accuses the other of extreme and harmful policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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