LOL: Matt Gaetz Rips Schiff With Hilarious Legislation

Due to the actions of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Adam Schiff was blocked from serving on the House Intelligence committee. On Thursday, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz introduced a bill that would require the House to vote to ban the California congressman from viewing and accessing classified information.

The Daily Caller was the first to obtain the legislation, which is called the Pencil-Neck Act, after Trump's nickname for Peter, also referred to as "Pillar." It seeks to prevent unauthorized access to classified information.

Before the bill was introduced, Gaetz criticized Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, for his efforts to spread false information about Trump. He also accused the Department of Justice of orchestrating a smear campaign against the president.

According to Gaetz, McCarthy made a promise to remove Schiff from the committee. As a result, he was prevented from serving on the panel. The Florida congressman noted that Schiff has lost the trust of his constituents and colleagues.

On the same day that Gaetz introduced the legislation, Schiff announced that he would be running for the Senate.

The Pencil-Neck Act was first introduced by Gaetz in 2019 during the House Republicans' absence from power. McCarthy confirmed earlier that Swalwell and other Democrats would be removed from the Intelligence Committee. Also, the House would remove Ilhan Omar, who is from Minnesota, from the Foreign Affairs panel.

Following McCarthy's removal from the committee, Schiff took to the TikTok app, where he thanked the House speaker for removing him from the panel. He also asked for donations. According to him, McCarthy did this because he was doing his job by holding Donald Trump accountable.

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