LOL: Republican Senators Mercilessly Mock Biden’s Plan For Military Vehicles

In another ridiculous attempt by the Biden Administration to push their radical green agenda, President Biden is pushing for the rapid conversion of the entire federal vehicle fleet, including military vehicles, to be all-electric and battery-powered within the next 10-15 years. This plan, known as the EV Acceleration Challenge, seeks to force the transition of both public and private fleets from regular gas-and diesel-fueled vehicles to all-electric vehicle fleets.

Despite doubts from many, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently testified to Congress that she fully believed the plan was achievable. However, she was mercilessly mocked by Sen. Ted Cruz, who pointed out the absurdity of electric military vehicles needing to pause in the middle of a war to recharge.

Secretary Granholm went even further, doubling down on the idea of an all-electric military fleet by 2030. When asked about this, she responded that she thinks it’s achievable, claiming that reducing reliance on fossil fuels will contribute to energy security. However, it’s hard to see how electric tanks would work out in battle when they need to be charged.

Sen. Joni Ernst has also spoken out against the plan, calling it a “ludicrous idea” that does not focus on the lethality of the American military. She also expressed concern that most of the parts for electric vehicles are owned and controlled by China, which will only continue to enrich the communist nation.

It’s clear that this plan is nothing more than a politically motivated attempt to push the Biden Administration’s radical environmental agenda. It’s time to focus on protecting American interests and military readiness rather than forcing all-electric vehicles that aren’t ready for the battlefield.

Written by Staff Reports

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