Ted Cruz SLAMS WH Press Sec. for False Claim on Illegal Immigration

Senator Ted Cruz has criticized White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for her claim that illegal immigration has decreased by 90% under Joe Biden’s presidency. During a press briefing on Monday, Jean-Pierre stated that illegal immigration declined by 90% under the Biden administration. However, the Republican party strongly disagrees with her claims, highlighting that the opposite is true.

Cruz stated in an interview with Fox Business Network how Joe Biden opened up the borders which led to an astronomical surge in illegal immigrants. Cruz claims that under the Trump administration, there was a low rate of illegal immigration, the lowest in 45 years, with tremendous success in securing the borders. In contrast, under the current administration, with just days of Joe Biden being sworn in, the numbers skyrocketed, resulting in over 1.2 million illegal immigrants being encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border during fiscal year 2023, which far exceeds the previous years’ numbers.

Jean-Pierre’s statements have been scrutinized as CBP has stated that it had encountered 136,000 more people in recent months. Cruz further criticized Jean-Pierre and her false statements where she previously claimed, “people are not just walking across the border.” However, that is not true, as videos show that people are crossing the border by river, or on foot.

With the upcoming May 11 end to the use of Title 42, which is a policy used during the Trump administration to quickly expel illegal immigrants, the current administration is deploying 1,500 troops to prepare for a potential surge in illegal immigrants.

In conclusion, Jean-Pierre’s claim of a decline in illegal immigration under Biden’s administration does not hold up in the face of numbers that demonstrate the opposite. With the promise of open borders, illegal immigration is at an all-time high, an issue that the Republican party will continue to address and criticize.

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