Medical Care Axed: Women Punished for Disputing Trans Ideology!

In a stunning example of the intolerance of the transgender ideology, Marlene, a liver transplant recipient and breast cancer patient, has been denied critical medical treatment simply because she voiced her disagreement with a transgender flag. Marlene’s story gained attention after she shared it on Twitter, and the Libs of TikTok also took notice. A letter from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) dated June 29, 2023, confirmed that Marlene’s last day of treatment was scheduled for July 29, 2023.

Marlene’s messages, which were shared by Libs of TikTok, emphasized her discomfort with the Richmond office, where a transgender flag was prominently displayed. She questioned the absence of flags representing women and children and expressed concern over threats she had received online from transactivists. Marlene also highlighted the larger issue of transgender radical ideology, which she believes erases the rights and experiences of women.

The fact that Marlene was not only denied medical care but also told she needed “re-education” to change her views is a blatant display of the oppressive nature of the transgender ideology. The letter from OHSU stated that Marlene was being discharged from the clinic due to her disrespectful remarks about the LGBTQ community and staff. Furthermore, she was dismissed from all OHSU Family Medicine clinics with no referral provided.

Marlene’s experiences with OHSU extend beyond her disagreements with the transgender flag. She felt the staff treated her with scorn and encountered unprofessional behavior, such as a receptionist hanging up on her. It is clear that OHSU prioritizes transgender activism over addressing other crucial issues related to patient care.

It is concerning that a hospital would prioritize hanging a transgender flag in its reception area over focusing on providing quality medical care. The actions of OHSU and their blatant disregard for Marlene’s rights and well-being are unacceptable. This case highlights the need to protect freedom of speech and ensure that political ideologies do not infringe on the rights of individuals seeking medical treatment.

Marlene’s determination to seek legal or medical assistance in response to this unjust treatment is admirable. It is time for the medical community to prioritize patient care and professionalism over pushing a specific agenda. The story of Marlene serves as a reminder that everyone deserves equal treatment, regardless of their political beliefs or views on gender.

Written by Staff Reports

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