Meghan Markle Tries A British Accent, Limeys Go Crazy, Forget The War

People who used to be my countrymen would often attack former American actress and now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, for allegedly trying to have a British accent.
In the latest episode of "Archetypes," which aired on April 6, 2019, actress and philanthropist, Jameela Jamil, had a friendly chat with "Harry and the Duke" actress, who also referred to herself as "Ello."

People on Twitter were thoroughly wet by the way the Royal Family responded to the use of the word "Ello" by the former actress. I don't think I'd put it past them to pay Twitter farms to harass her.

One user said that making fun of the former actress' British accent was inappropriate, and she should just shut up. Others called her accent "pathetic," and the New York Post claimed that she spent too much time worrying about how her friends would perceive her.

Either these people are being paid or they're forgetting that, while she was on "Suits," there weren't many men in the Commonwealth who didn't like her. Fans of the former actress hated her immediately after she started dating Prince Harry. Many of them thought that British girls had a chance of getting close to him.They'll try to find an excuse to hate her, but this one went too far.

For all of the Americans who have never been to the US, everyone attempts a British accent within 30 minutes of meeting somebody. I've even created a set of rules for people who want to bring up their heritage.

When people tell me that they are Anglophiles, I usually go on a rant about how I am Welsh. The people of Wales have been living in the country for hundreds of thousands of years and have either assimilated or destroyed any culture that tries to overthrow them.

Since it has lost its war with the US, England has bowed down to various ground invasions in its history. The vile and insulting comments about the country come across as a childish tantrum.
Despite being criticized for defending the former actress, I'm still living in the top spot on Earth. No one cares about where England ranks. It's not even in the top five.

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