Megyn Kelly EXPOSES Liberal Media And Their ‘Corporate Masters’

Megyn Kelly, a former television host, told Newsmax that late-night television hosts' left-wing political activism is driving away viewers, but the hosts do not care because they are only there to appease their "corporate masters," even if it means ignoring the opinions of more than half of the country.

In an appearance on "Eric Bolling The Balance" on Tuesday, Kelly said that the hosts had abandoned the right half of the country — and I include the center.

Considering how far to the left the left has gone, you know the center is more rightist just by virtue of how far the left has gone right now, Kelly said Bolling. That means that they have given up on more than half of the country. They cared more about making us angry than they did about making us laugh, so they made sure to prioritize the former.

Kelly, who was critical of Trump throughout the 2016 election cycle when she was at Fox News, now says the media had an agenda against him.

Kelly remarked that the speakers were less concerned with uniting the country during a trying time and making everyone laugh than they were with receiving a smattering of applause as tensions mounted over the topics they were detailing and utilizing to criticize Trump.

And at this point, just as it was the case with CNN, the country has turned its back on them. The folks on the right coast of the United States would never watch these celebrities.

Kelly stated that the hosts of the mainstream late-night shows "hate" the typical American and will remain to do so regardless of whether or not the nation tunes them out.

Kelly stated that nobody's watching and went on to say that the individuals in question were becoming more leftist, more fervent, more angry, more impassioned, and more vicious.

She claimed that more people ignored them.

She also criticized the rehearsed nature of television talk shows, citing as an example President Joe Biden's joke about putting opponents of his agenda in Monopoly prison.

Kelly shared her experience, I've been on all these shows from 'The View' to every show you just watched, and they usually give you the questions in advance.  I can promise you that what Joe Biden said, which was, 'They should go to jail,' was a complete and utter set-up. He was prepared for such outcome. That was a fantastic statement that he had been given to say, and it could have been supplied to him by the producers or by his own team. Everything was prepared in advance.

Kelly mentioned that "The View" also follows a script.

I remember when it was my turn to go on 'The View,' and I was like, 'What are you giving me the questions for?' I'm a journalist. I am able to provide answers to my own queries. It is not necessary for you to provide me with the questions in advance. Is this some strange test that I need to do well on and get an A? Simply toss them in my direction. We're good.'

With all that things going on, shows like that are rehearsed.

According to Kelly, primetime news discussion shows on major networks are similarly scripted by the puppet strings of liberal "business masters.

It's the same deal with the press, she remarked. Journalists working for such outlets only receive praise for reporting what their superiors want to hear, rather than reporting objectively. This was especially true during CNN's tenure under Jeff Zucker.

Because all of those people succumbed to his will, it is the reason why there are now so many people getting dismissed. They have, after all, rendered themselves unemployable now that new management has been brought in, haven't they.

Therefore, there is a parallel path there, and one of the perks of operating an independent media outlet in these modern times is that I don't care about access journalism. I couldn't care less if any of these folks ever appear on my show or not. I have better things to do with my time. No matter if it's Joe Biden or [Ron] DeSantis for governor of Florida. I am free to say whatever I want about them since I am not beholden to any corporate bosses.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Newsmax.

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