The Woke Mob Wants To Cancel Troy Aikman Over Latest Comment

After making a comment that some have deemed to be sexist about a penalty that was called on Monday Night Football, Hall of Fame quarterback turned NFL broadcaster Troy Aikman is facing calls for him to be fired.

Aikman, a legendary quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys and helped them win three Super Bowls during his career, took exception to the fact that Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones was called for roughing the passer after making a tackle on Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. It was the most recent in a line of dubious decisions made by referees who were trying to protect signal callers.

Aikman, 55, was sacked 259 times in his career and was known for his brutality. I hope the competition committee looks at this throughout the set of meetings and we take the gowns off, he added.

The penalty was extremely important due to the fact that Carr lost the ball during the play. The officials blew their whistle after Jones, who had retrieved the ball, landed on top of Carr and caused the collision. Despite the fact that Kansas City still had to come from behind to win an exciting 30-29 game, the play had a good chance of costing the Chiefs the victory.

The day before, Grady Jarrett of the Atlanta Falcons was given the same punishment for what appeared to be a completely legal hit on Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who is 45 years old.

Twitter was flooded with users branding Aikman a sexist after he made his comment, and some of those users demanded that ESPN take action against him.

Chuck Modi, a blue-checked individual who describes himself as a "Justice Journalist," tweeted the following: Troy Aikman really must come up with a non-misogynistic method to condemn the call other than 'take the gowns off.'  And I say this as somebody who witnessed this misogyny being normalized by coaches when they were coaching me when I was a kid, and even as someone who participated in the activity myself. It is way past time to put an end to all of this sports chatter.

On Twitter, Jason Page posed the question, Did Troy Aikman just really say whatever I think he said?  Did you really just hear him remark that it's time for the league to 'take the gowns off'? The 1960s have reached out with a request: they want their chauvinists back. Seriously ESPN … do better than that crap.

Trevor Mitchell, a journalist for the Argus Leader, tweeted, Don't love aikman stating the players need to 'take the dresses off.' just say the call sucks my man.

Others, though, came to Aikman's defense and advised those who criticize him to chill off.

Scott Murphy wrote, Can't believe the number of people getting outraged with Troy Aikman saying 'take the dresses off.' Aikman had said that women should remove their dresses before the game. "Good Lord, you puny human beings with puny human brains. So easily harmed and so easily insulted. You are the very embodiment of everything that is wrong with the world in this day and age.

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