MSNBC Finally Fires This Insane Racist TV Host

MSNBC has decided to part ways with its unhinged and bigoted host. No, I'm not going to talk about that particular one. I'm speaking specifically about Tiffany Cross, who, along with Joy Reid, is the other crazed racist who works for the leftist network. Hold on, does that mean Al Sharpton is still present? Now I'm just making a mess of things for myself.

A number of statements made by Cross that were seen to be offensive led to his termination, according to a report.

Cross, a regular contributor to MSNBC's racism and lunacy for years, was evidently informed numerous times that her current rants were unacceptable even by the network's poor standards. Nicole Wallace's declaration of civil war and call for Democrats to "take up a weapon" was apparently too much for them to stomach, but they let her ramble like a conspiracy freak every weekday.

Has it come up yet that Cross is a racist? In the beginning of the year, she launched a tirade against minority candidates for the Republican Party, arguing that faces of color are not always mean voices of color.  It would appear that the now-former presenter on the far left believes she has the authority to decide who among people of color is allowed to have a "voice." Elie Mystal, a "justice correspondent" who is without any reasonable doubt schizophrenic, had been a regular guest on Cross's show. In September, Mystal told Cross that white people turn violent when they don't get their way. Cross was shocked by this statement.

The following is an example of how Cross usually conducts his show. price11/status/1554115976500858885

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. It comes as a bit of a surprise, given that Cross is a psychopath, that she was allowed to stay on the show for as long as she did before being fired. She has become Joy Reid's mini-me at the network, and as a result, she has been providing spurts of more bizarre commentary for years.

And while we're on the subject of Reid, she must be up next, right? Her ratings are at an all-time low, and the content of her show is neither more measured nor less psychotic than what Cross was presenting. In point of fact, Mystal has also been a frequent visitor to Reid's home in recent months. I have a sneaking hunch that MSNBC is just waiting for her contract to expire so they can fire her. Then she will be treated in the same manner as Cross was, and those on the far left will cry racism; we will all be able to laugh about it.

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