MTG Calls For Epic Investigations After Biden’s Latest Scandal

Following the revelation that classified documents related to former Vice President Joe Biden's political activities were found at a think tank linked to him, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia called for an investigation.

According to Greene, Biden did not have the power to declassify documents related to his time as the vice president, and she noted that they may have been stolen. She also demanded that Congress impeach him. After news of the discovery of classified documents related to Biden's political activities broke, she called for an investigation. She also noted that she's been vocal about impeaching the former vice president.

According to CBS, Biden's lawyers discovered around 10 classified documents at the Penn Biden Center, which is located in Washington, D. C. These documents came from his office.

During the time when Donald Trump was the president, attorney Greene defended him after his Mar-a Lago resort was raided. She noted that Biden had a different problem since he was not allowed to declassify the documents.

During an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, she noted that Biden might have stolen the documents. The president is the only one who can declassify them, and not the vice president. The Department of Justice is investigating the Mar-a-Lago meeting where the classified documents were found. An investigation has been carried out by Jack Smith, the special counsel. Biden's defenders have noted that Trump's team flagged the documents, while the government had to ask for them.

With the new powers granted to House Republicans, they are expected to investigate Hunter, the son of the president. Biden's team maintained that they are working with the investigators. John Lausch, the US Attorney from Illinois' Northern District, is also looking into how the documents were found at the think tank.

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