Nancy Pelosi’s Delusional Theories: Blames Putin for Clinton’s Loss

It seems like the delusional Nancy Pelosi just cannot let go of her irrational thinking about the 2016 presidential election. In fact, she has been caught again claiming that Putin interfered in the election because he was petrified of Hillary Clinton. Can you believe that?

Throughout her rambling speech, Pelosi asserted that Clinton’s well-known strong position against Russia during her time as Secretary of State made Putin resort to illegal measures to sabotage Clinton’s campaign. Pelosi even went out of her way to thank those in the audience for supporting her absurd claim.

However, Pelosi’s claims are not only unfounded, but they have also been proven to be false. Pelosi just can’t seem to get over the fact that Clinton lost fair and square. Instead, she continues to spew false accusations and baseless theories about the reasons for Trump’s victory.

It is time for Pelosi to stop her endless rambling and accept the reality of the 2016 presidential election. After all, her wild theories have done nothing but further divide our country and undermine the democratic process. It’s time for her to move on and focus on more pressing issues facing our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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