New Biden Super PAC Targets Young Voters with Hollywood Talent

A new pro-Biden Super PAC, Won't PAC Down, has been formed to improve the President's image among young voters, according to Politico. The group, which has been meeting for the past six months, is set to raise and spend $20 to $25 million. The initiative has enlisted the expertise of Gen Z and millennial writers, directors, and producers, among them John Della Volpe, a former member of the Biden campaign's polling team. The PAC's objective is to sway voters under the age of 30, a demographic where Biden's support has notably decreased since 2020.

The group has enlisted Hollywood writers who have worked on popular shows like Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, and Big Mouth to create content tailored to young voters. Travis Helwig, the former head writer of Crooked Media and leader of the writer's room, expressed confidence in the group's approach, emphasizing their use of poll-tested messaging to connect with young people.

Although Biden maintains a lead among young voters, a recent survey conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School revealed a decline in his support since 2020. At present, the President holds an eight-point lead over former President Donald Trump among the under-30 demographic, representing a substantial drop from the 60% backing he secured in the identical poll conducted in 2020. However, it's important to note that he still retains a lead over Trump among registered voters in this age group.

Despite legal restrictions on direct coordination, Biden's campaign expressed optimism about the potential impact of Won't PAC Down. The campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, highlighted the group's understanding of the power of the youth vote and its role in mobilizing and activating young people nationwide.

The initial advertisements from Won't PAC Down are scheduled for release in July, with the organization aiming to reignite support for President Biden among young voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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