VP Harris Mourns Palestinian Losses in Speech to Michigan Democrats

Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her sorrow for the loss of Palestinian civilians in a recent Israeli hostage rescue operation during her speech to the Michigan Democratic Party. Michigan has a large Muslim and Arab population, and the Vice President’s remarks were made with this in mind.

Hamas had carried out a brutal attack, resulting in the killing of innocent people and the abduction of hostages. Harris emphasized the importance of bringing an end to the conflict to ensure the security of Israel, the safe return of hostages, and the cessation of suffering for the Palestinian people. She underscored President Biden’s recent statement urging an end to the war.


The rescue operation, which took place in the Nuseirat camp, resulted in numerous civilian casualties. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry reported 274 Palestinian deaths, with many being civilians, while Israel’s count was lower. One Israeli officer also lost his life during the operation. The United States had provided intelligence assistance for the meticulously planned operation.

The raid took place in broad daylight and led to a crowded street with hundreds of civilians present. Social media videos depicted the aftermath, revealing extensive damage to surrounding buildings and numerous civilian casualties. IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner attributed the civilian casualties to the tactics of Hamas, a sentiment echoed by U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

The operation’s tragic outcome may further complicate efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement.

Written by Staff Reports

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