New Poll Exposes Biden’s Middle-Class Policy Failures

A newly published Monmouth University poll has revealed that half of Americans dislike President Joe Biden’s policies, saying that the middle class has not benefitted from them. The poll, which was published on Tuesday, indicates that a whopping 51% of people believe that Biden’s administration policies do not assist the middle class. In contrast, only a small percentage of the population – around 10% – feels that such policies have “benefited a lot”. The poll also reveals that 78% of Republicans and 59% of independents agree that Biden’s policies have failed the middle class.

In stark contrast, only 36% of the participants in the survey feel that Biden’s policies had any positive effect on the middle class. Most of this support came from Democratic voters, with a 57% approval rating among them. The Monmouth University poll also reveals that only 32% of voters believe that the policies of the previous administration succeeded in assisting middle-class families.

Of the 805 respondents surveyed between March 16 and 20, 24% agreed that inflation was one of the most significant issues facing families, while 12% admit to being concerned about the economy and daily expenditures. Only 10% of those surveyed believed that the federal government has helped their families in the past six months, and a staggering 49% of those surveyed said that the administration’s policies had harmed their families.

The continued struggle of middle-class American families is an issue that the Biden administration must take seriously. It is high time the administration acknowledges the damage they’ve done and take concrete steps to improve the situation. Americans need a leader who will put them first, not someone who will continue with disastrous policies. Clearly, the Monmouth University poll shows that the majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden is not up to the task.

Written by Staff Reports

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