Newsom Eyeing Presidency? 2024 Campaign Efforts Sparked!


President Joe Biden’s campaign is in trouble, according to reports. It seems like he’s struggling both mentally and physically. And to make matters worse, his campaign doesn’t seem like it’s even trying to win re-election. Instead of spending time on the campaign trail or fighting for voters, Biden has been taking a lot of vacations away from the White House. Some people are even speculating that he might drop out of the 2024 race before the end of this year.

If that happens, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California is apparently ready to swoop in and take his place. Despite the fact that Newsom has been widely criticized for his draconian rules and even caused people to flee the state, it seems like he’s been quietly building a fundraising effort that resembles that of a presidential candidate. He’s set up three PACs that have already raised and spent millions of dollars so far. This allows him to explore the possibility of running for the White House without actually announcing it.

But time is running out for Newsom to make a decision. If he wants to make a bid for the presidency or if Democrats feel like they need to replace Biden on the ballot, he needs to decide soon. With Biden’s list of scandals growing and his mental decline becoming more apparent, he’s leaving the door wide open for someone like former President Trump to easily win. It seems like Newsom is definitely considering a presidential campaign, as evidenced by his fundraising efforts. And with the way things are going for Biden, it wouldn’t be surprising if Newsom actually went through with it.

Newsom’s PACs already have millions of dollars in funds, with a significant amount of the money coming from funds raised during his previous campaigns. He’s been able to raise money through various events and fundraisers, including one that raised $2 million for Biden and another that raised $1.1 million for Democratic parties in Republican-led states. Earlier this year, Newsom even positioned himself as someone who was gearing up to announce a presidential run. He spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, where he praised himself for his “wonderful” job in California, conveniently leaving out the problems the state is facing, such as the mass exodus of residents, rising homelessness, and increasing crime rates. He’s also been making campaign-style trips to states like Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, and Oregon, meeting with party leaders and organizations. It certainly seems like Newsom is making all the right moves to prepare for a potential White House run.

Written by Staff Reports

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