Noem Blasts Biden: SD Battles Border Chaos, Eyes Legal War to Aid TX!

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem boldly proclaimed to lawmakers that the chaos at the southern border is not just a problem for Texas and other border states. No, it’s a problem for South Dakota, too! Governor Noem is fired up and ready to take on the federal government’s lackluster efforts to secure the border. She’s exploring legal options to back Texas up and push the feds to actually do their job.

Noem isn’t just talking the talk – she’s walking the walk. She’s in cahoots with top state brass, including the Adjutant General and the Secretary of Public Safety, to figure out how South Dakota can lend a helping hand to Texas. And she’s even chatting it up with Governor Greg Abbott about how to give the National Guard the power to actually make a difference.

In a passionate plea to her fellow lawmakers, she exclaimed, “The cartels are running the show at the border, folks! When the feds drop the ball, it’s up to the states to clean up the mess,” and boy, does she mean it. She’s seen the chaos firsthand, and she’s not sugar-coating it. The situation is getting worse by the day, and something’s gotta give!

Noem dropped a bombshell, revealing that these cartels have weaseled their way into tribal reservations in South Dakota, where state law enforcement can’t intervene. It’s a legal mess, and the cartels are taking full advantage of it. And to top it all off, the Oglala Sioux tribe is taking the feds to court, tired of the violence and drugs plaguing their reservation. But the Biden administration is giving them the cold shoulder, leaving Governor Noem fuming.

“The effects of Biden’s border blunders are hitting us hard in South Dakota,” Noem lamented. “The cartels are even setting up shop on our tribal reservations. It’s a nightmare!”

After Noem’s fiery speech, the South Dakota House and Senate stood in solidarity, passing a resolution to back defending the border. But of course, there’s always a party pooper – Democrat Sen. Reynold Nesbia from Sioux Falls couldn’t resist taking a jab at Noem, deflecting blame onto the federal government. Nice try, Nesbia. The Governor is all about action, not finger-pointing.

And as if things weren’t already messy enough, a group of senators is twiddling their thumbs, dilly-dallying over a border bill. But House Speaker Mike Johnson isn’t buying it – he knows that bill won’t even stand a chance in the House. It’s just more political hot air.

So, there you have it, folks. Governor Kristi Noem is ready to rumble, and she’s not backing down. It’s South Dakota versus the border chaos, and you better believe Noem is leading the charge!

Written by Staff Reports

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