Outrage as Another Senator Caught Silencing Americans’ Voices

In recent months, the mainstream media has been abuzz with news of former President Donald Trump’s attempts to censor a tweet critical of him. However, journalist Matt Taibbi recently uncovered a much more serious violation of the First Amendment. In his latest edition of the Twitter Files, Taibbi revealed communications between government officials and Twitter executives that suggest a clear violation of the First Amendment.

The emails Taibbi uncovered showed that Senator Angus King’s office had identified 354 “suspicious accounts” and asked Twitter to censor them. These accounts were deemed suspicious for a variety of reasons, such as sharing “Rand Paul visit excitement” or “mentions immigration”. Additionally, State Department official Mark Lenzi asked Twitter to remove 14 accounts, some of which had been skeptical about “Russiagate”.

Taibbi called this a “clear First Amendment issue” and noted that many of those targeted were real people, using basic political speech to say things the State Department apparently didn’t like. He also revisited how Congressman Adam Schiff’s office had previously asked Twitter to censor accounts in a similar manner.

The journalist questioned whether or not the establishment press would cover these latest allegations, despite them being based on credible and newsworthy evidence and involving some of the most powerful people in government. He argued that if the press was willing to cover Trump’s attempts to censor an entertainment personality, then surely they should cover these more serious violations of the First Amendment.

Taibbi’s argument raises an important question: will the U.S. media actually cover the purported damage being done to the one amendment that not only protects our speech but their entire profession? It remains to be seen if the press will take up this issue and hold those in power accountable for their actions.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Based Politics

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