PA Democrats Push Mandated Vaccine Education to Control Parents!

Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania have taken another step in their plan to control and manipulate our children. The bill mandates that parents seeking a school vaccine exemption must complete an "approved vaccine education course." This measure is viewed as an overreach of government power and an attempt to control and manipulate children.

Under current law, parents seeking vaccine exemptions must simply write a signed letter explaining their religious or moral reasons for doing so. However, PA Democrats want to take it a step further and ensure that parents are fully brainwashed by compelling them to attend an “education session” and review “scientifically accepted information prescribed by the Department of Health”. This is blatant government overreach and an attack on individual liberty and parental rights!

Megan Brock, a mother from Pennsylvania and an advocate for parental rights, has voiced her opinion regarding the proposed legislation. She believes that the bill is a Democratic attempt to control children and an attack on both parental rights and religious freedom. She stated that individuals should not have to explain their religious decisions or attend education sessions for them. We fully support Megan's sentiments!

The Democrats would have you believe that this is all for the sake of public health, but let’s not forget that Big Pharma and the liberal establishment stand to gain a lot from mandatory vaccines. Fortunately, conservatives are standing up to this tyranny and fighting for the rights of parents in Pennsylvania. We believe in freedom of choice, and we will never bow down to the government’s attempts to force us to conform!

A Democratic State Senator has defended the proposed bill by stating that it can improve health safety while still respecting religious beliefs and moral convictions. However, we believe that this argument is baseless and merely an attempt to brainwash parents into surrendering their freedom to make healthcare decisions for their children. The true intentions of Democrats are far from what they claim.

Stand with us, fellow conservatives, and fight back against this egregious assault on individual liberty and parental rights! We will not be controlled!

Written by Staff Reports

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