Paul Krugman Urges Biden to Step Aside in Surprising New Analysis

Paul Krugman’s Latest Biden Analysis Makes a Splash in the Swamp

Paul Krugman, known for his economic “expertise” as reliable as a broken clock, made some waves with his recent take on President Joe Biden’s performance post-debate. In a stunning turnaround from his previous praises of Biden’s lucidity and leadership, Krugman now suggests it’s time for the President to “do the right thing and step aside.”

Despite gushing about Biden’s past accomplishments, Krugman hinted at Biden being “damaged goods” in the face of Trump’s supposed threat. This sentiment comes as a surprise from someone who once touted Biden’s mental acuity, even citing personal interactions to vouch for the President’s sharpness. 


Krugman’s flip-flop on Biden’s capabilities is reminiscent of his past blunders, like dismissing the 2020 Antifa/BLM-led riots as “non-existent” from the comfort of his upscale neighborhood. His detachment from reality is not new, but his latest backtrack on Biden showcases his willingness to bend with the political winds.

While Krugman may still take himself seriously, it’s clear that fewer and fewer people are buying what he’s selling. His skewed analysis of Biden’s debate performance only serves to highlight his own inconsistency and lack of grounding in the real world. As Krugman’s credibility continues to wane, the rest of us can at least enjoy a moment of schadenfreude at his expense.

Written by Staff Reports

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