Biden Commits to 2024 Run Amid Growing Concerns Over Cognitive Health

President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the 2024 election in a letter addressed to congressional Democrats, pushing back against calls for his withdrawal. While some may be surprised, he did manage to make a few salient points in his message. Biden emphasized his overwhelming support within the Democratic Party, highlighting the millions of votes and delegates he received during the nomination process, solidifying his status as the presumptive nominee.

However, it’s important to note that Biden’s assertions do not address the elephant in the room – his evident cognitive decline. Despite attempts to downplay this issue, it remains a significant concern for many Americans, especially given the transparency of his struggles over the past few years. The reluctance of mainstream media outlets to properly address these concerns has only fueled the frustration of those who observe Biden’s apparent shortcomings. 

Moreover, Biden’s letter fails to acknowledge the complicity of his allies and supporters in overlooking his decline. From party insiders to Democratic voters, everyone played a role in propelling Biden to his current position, fully aware of the challenges he faces. The collective decision to ignore these issues has now plunged the party into a state of uncertainty and discord as the 2024 election looms. 


In conclusion, while Biden may have attempted to shore up his support with his recent letter, the underlying issues regarding his fitness for office remain unaddressed. The Democratic Party now faces the consequences of prioritizing political expediency over the well-being of the nation and its leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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