Pelosi Embarrases Herself With Lame Trump Joke

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is confident that the Democratic Party will maintain control of the House of Representatives following the upcoming midterm elections. In an interview with talk show host Stephen Colbert, Pelosi stated that the Democratic Party will secure a greater number of seats in the House of Representatives. She also reminded Colbert, in jest, that former President Donald Trump is not on the election now.

The California Democrat said on CBS's "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Monday night, I believe that we will win the – hold the House, and we will hold the House – by winning more seats.  When Trump appeared on the ballot, we suffered some losses, but we still managed to win all forty seats. Even though Trump was on the ballot in several of these areas, we were still able to maintain our majority in the House of Representatives.

After that, she remarked, He is not a candidate at this time. Oh, have I mentioned his name already? I didn't intend to do that.

Her response to Colbert's statement that we'll have the tapes fumigated was maybe you could take that out. Colbert had told her that we'll have the videos fumigated.

Pelosi disagreed with Colbert's assessment that the "prognosticators" had forecast a "crazy red wave," even if it appears that the Republicans will win control of the House of Representatives.

To organize for the next election, when we won in 2020 and again, fewer, but still retaining the House, Pelosi said. To be successful in your mobilization efforts, you need to have control of the ground. The first 'M' is motivation, the second is messaging, and the final is money. You have to do it with motivation and how we put up our messaging. Now, as the election approaches, preparations are being made. That was in the month of December in the year 2020.

Pelosi stated that the "largest surge of candidates" emerged on January 6, as a direct result of the event that occurred on that date.

Pelosi stated that the wonderful diversity of America came forward, referring to the participation of young people, people of color, people of all generations, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and others. They did not take the advice of the experts who stated, You can't win, and ignored it. They faced the challenge head-on with bravery and faith that they could prevail.

Pelosi went on to say that the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade also produced a different mentality regarding the possibility of the Democrats winning the election.

We always thought that we could win because we knew we had to in order to protect our democracy, she added. We always believed that we could win because our democracy was on the ballot.  The fate of our world was up for vote. In this election, a woman's every issue was up for vote, which is more than in elections with regular majorities, which change over time.

She also stated that she does not believe in the polls and that the candidates are doing really well in their districts, despite the fact that Colbert had informed her that the polls aren't reflected what she was saying.

Pelosi made the analogy between the election and a horse race, saying that she was born and raised in Maryland, which is known as the "horse racing state."

When you are in the lead in Maryland – which we believe we are – you are considered to be in the lead. You've entered the home stretch, we've turned the corner, — I quote her.  The election is exactly five weeks from today, but voters can cast their ballots beginning considerably sooner than that. You "whip" the lead when you're in the lead and you're getting close to the finish line. And that is exactly what we are doing: we are narrowing the gap in order to guarantee a victory for the Democrats.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on NEWSMAX.

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