Pete Buttigieg BLASTED For Latest Travel Crisis

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, is under fire once again due to the FAA’s decision to issue a full ground stop for all US flights on Wednesday.

Joe Biden, the US President, stated that Buttigieg did not know what caused the computer issue that led to the ground stoppage.

“Biden confirmed that he had spoken with Buttigieg about the issue. He said that the Transportation Secretary did not know what caused the ground stoppage. He also told the officials to inform him when they learn what caused the issue. “Right now, airplanes are still able to land safely, but they’re not taking off yet because they don’t know what caused it.”

Since becoming the transportation secretary in 2021, Buttigieg’s lack of experience has been the subject of numerous controversies. During the supply chain incident in 2021, he took time off without appointing a deputy. He also went on a vacation while negotiations were taking place that almost led to a national rail strike.
During an interview with Fox News, Buttigieg was able to defend his record. He also refuted the claims that he had been absent from work.

Due to his controversial use of private jets, especially when he lectures about climate change, Buttigieg incurred more criticism.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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