Key Decision On Biden Documents To Be Made By AG Merrick Garland

As the Attorney General, Merrick Garland will soon be making a decision regarding the investigation into the classified documents that former Vice President Joe Biden kept.

As indicated by Axios, the investigation will be handled by John Lausch of the US Attorney's Office. This investigation will determine if there is a political bias within the Department of Justice.

The documents were found inside a locked closet in the Penn Biden Center, a think tank that was established in honor of Biden. After he left the presidency in 2017, the former vice president frequently used the facility.

In response to the news about the documents, Biden said that he did not know about their existence and was surprised to learn that they were stored in his center.

He referred to the classified nature of the documents and said that he took them very seriously. He also claimed that he was cooperating fully with the investigation. His lawyers had contacted the National Archives and the Department of Justice.

The documents' existence shows a level of hypocrisy displayed by Biden, who in August of last year ordered the FBI to carry out a search of Donald Trump's property at Mar-A-Lago in Florida. Although several documents were found, none of them were confirmed to be classified. The raid, which was widely condemned, targeted Trump, a political opponent.

Unlike Trump, Biden did not have the power to declassify the documents that he wanted.

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Written by Staff Reports

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