Pritzker’s War on 2nd Amendment: Suing Gun Makers, Iowa’s New Assault on Freedoms

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) has taken yet another step in his never-ending quest to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Over the weekend, he signed a bill into law making it easier for victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers. Can you believe it? Instead of holding criminals accountable for their actions, Pritzker wants to go after the very people who produce the firearms that protect countless Americans every day.

The law, known as the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act, is filled with all sorts of ridiculous provisions. It prohibits gun companies from advertising and marketing that encourages para-military or unlawful private militia activity. Really, Governor? Are you suggesting that lawful gun owners who are simply exercising their rights to self-defense are part of some nefarious militia? This is just another example of the left’s misguided attempt to paint gun owners as dangerous radicals.

But that’s not all. The law goes on to state that gun manufacturers will be held accountable for actions contributing to gun violence in Illinois communities. So now, not only are they responsible for producing firearms, but they’re also being blamed for the actions of criminals. This is absolutely absurd! It’s like blaming car manufacturers for drunk driving accidents or knife manufacturers for stabbings. It’s a desperate attempt to shift the blame away from the actual individuals responsible for committing crimes.

Pritzker, of course, couldn’t wait to take credit for this assault on the Second Amendment. In a statement, he proudly declared that he was finally holding gun manufacturers accountable for endangering the public safety and health of the people. Endangering public safety and health? Give me a break! Gun manufacturers provide a vital service by producing firearms that allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families. They should be commended, not vilified.

Unsurprisingly, this law has faced backlash from those who understand the importance of the Second Amendment. Richard Pearson, a spokesperson with the Illinois State Rifle Association, called it a bill designed to harass gun manufacturers. And he’s absolutely right. This law opens the floodgates for frivolous lawsuits that could bankrupt these companies. It’s a calculated move to cripple the firearms industry and limit Americans’ access to firearms.

It’s clear that Pritzker and his allies in the Illinois government have a vendetta against the firearms industry. Scott Pulaski, the owner of Piesa Armory in Alton, Illinois, stated that it’s obvious the state wants the industry to go away. And the actions of Pritzker, from banning so-called “assault weapons” to prohibiting privately-made “ghost guns,” only confirm this agenda.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and realize that their Second Amendment rights are under attack. Governor Pritzker’s signing of this overreaching law is just another example of the left’s relentless assault on our constitutional rights. We must stand strong and fight back against these egregious attempts to infringe on our freedoms. The right to bear arms is a fundamental part of our heritage, and we can’t let it be undermined by power-hungry politicians like Pritzker.

Written by Staff Reports

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