Progressive ‘Squad’ Gets RIPPED For Voting Against Rail Workers

Members of the "Squad", which is composed of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow members, have been criticized for supporting a bill that ended a rail strike.

The bill would force the 12 unions that represent train drivers to reach an agreement with the country's major rail carriers. It's based on a 1926 law that gave the government the power to resolve labor disputes.

The four unions that rejected the previous contract settlement are livid that the White House pressured them into accepting a new deal. They noted that their workers are the ones who ensure the country's rail system operates efficiently.

But AOC’s allies on Twitter see the vote as a betrayal of her principles.

One poster called AOC’s politics “performative.”

Fox Business:

"This week, a Republican from Florida criticized the proposed contract. He said he would not support a deal that doesn't reflect the workers' wishes.

In response, the unions and the railways should start negotiating a new contract that's in the workers' best interests. This would require the members of the unions to support the deal.

On Twitter, the Democratic member of the House of Representatives praised the deal and thanked the unions for their support. However, she asked the members of the House to vote for the amendment that would provide the workers with a full week of paid sick days."

Despite the Senate's approval of the agreement, it was still 52-43 against the House's amendment that provides the workers with a week of paid sick leave. A conference will be held to resolve the differences between the two sides.

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