Biden Shockingly Celebrates This MASSIVE Energy Failure

We take a look at Joe Biden's latest accomplishment, as his administration continues to gaslight the American people.

I don't think it's surprising that Biden would release so much oil, considering how this administration has been destroying the country. It's just another example of how they would rather destroy it than doing the right thing. According to the Daily Caller, Biden claimed that he ordered the release of Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) gas to address the rising prices.

In March, Biden authorized the release of up to 180 million barrels from the reserves, following the invasion of Ukraine. The White House has referred to the rise in gas prices as the result of Putin's price hike, while Biden blames oil companies for the high energy costs. However, some experts claim that his anti-fossil fuel policies have contributed to the price increase.

The rising prices are a major issue that the administration has been facing since it took over. Biden has blamed oil companies for the high prices, but his solution has not changed. In a recent article, Forbes criticized the way the Obama administration has handled the situation regarding the release of oil from the SPR. One of the most critical questions that the article asked is why the president would want to deplete the country's oil reserves.

According to the data released by the US Energy Information Administration, the SPR had a total of 638 million barrels of oil at the beginning of Biden's term. After 11 months, the volume of oil withdrawn by Biden has dropped to around 400 million barrels.It's troubling to see that the administration is advocating for living off the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Since it was established as an emergency fund, we always thought it was a tool that could be used to pull the country out of a crisis. However, instead of helping the economy, Biden seems to be normalizing it.It's also troubling to see that the Trump administration did not rely on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when it needed to.

The previous administration led by example and did not use it. This shows that the Trump administration is not knowledgeable about the risks associated with overdependence on the nation's oil reserves.

Despite knowing that there is a simple solution to the energy crisis, Biden still refuses to acknowledge the importance of making the country energy independent.

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Written by Staff Reports

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