Rand Paul “Right” Once Again On Vaccines

When someone criticizes the Democratic Party's crisis rhetoric, their idiocy is shown. They offer hypothesis as fact. When an expert contradicts them, they attack and try to discredit them. As with Senator Rand Paul and COVID-19.

Since the COVID-19 virus appeared a few years ago, the strong Republican Senator has weathered liberal onslaught. So-called specialists on the left said the illness was the deadliest in over a century and that people would die if they didn't cover their mouths and get shots.

The blue elite claimed Rand Paul didn't know what he was talking about, despite being a respected doctor and virologist. The media made him a monster for telling the truth about the virus and how the body kills it.

Paul was called a heretic by Democrats and left to recover. Paul is patient and tells the truth despite the character assassination. Now that things have calmed down, his claims are proving true.

Former White House COVID response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx defended the senator on Fox News. Birx said the COVID vaccination won't eradicate the virus as Democrats claim. Senator Paul has been stating the same thing for two years.

Birk told the Washington Examiner she knew these immunizations wouldn't prevent illness. She thought we overplayed vaccines, causing people to worry they won't prevent severe sickness and hospitalization. Yes. 50% of the omicron surge deaths were elderly, vaccinated persons.

Her disclosure contradicts what Joe Biden and his administration said about the virus. The vaccination was useless. Over half of the dead were completely vaccinated, according to Birx.

Rand Paul challenged the liberal elite with the body's viral immunity. Biden and his useless advisors said the body couldn't fight the infection alone. The body is designed to combat illnesses and establish natural immunity better than any vaccine.

Vaccines aren't virus-hunting agents. When injected, they cause the immune system to activate and manufacture antibodies to combat infection. The body can kill the virus before it makes a person sick.

Rand Paul says science contradicts Fauci. It's obvious. Natural immunity equals a vaccination. This isn't an argument against the vaccine, but for allowing those with immunity decide.

Liberals needed people to believe only a vaccination would work to force people to accept their wishes. Democrats are a risk to the American people because they spread misinformation and science-defying myths.

Dr. Birx proved Rand Paul's claim concerning COVID-19. Liberals feared the truth because it would expose their folly.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Morning Pundit News.

Written by Staff Reports

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