Rep. Gosar Tells Biden Where He SHOULD Be Sending Our Tanks

Gosar noted that the US should send tanks to the southern border as it is being invaded.

Following in the footsteps of the UK, Germany and the US agreed to send tanks and other military equipment to Ukraine to help fend off the Russian forces. The US is expected to send around 31 M1 tanks, while Germany is planning on sending 14 Leopard 2 A6s.

In response to the plans to send tanks to Ukraine, Gosar noted that these tanks would only be stationed on the southern border of the US. He said that his constituents are in Arizona, not Ukraine.

The US Border Patrol reported that in 48 hours, it encountered 16,000 migrants at the southern border. Many of them were gang members and sex offenders.

In response to the growing conflict in Ukraine, US President Donald Trump warned the West against escalating the situation by sending tanks. In a statement posted on Thursday, Trump stated that the war should stop immediately.

Gosar maintained his support for the former president's message.

"He noted that the US should stop supporting the war in Ukraine and focus instead on finding a peaceful solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Gosar also accused the US politicians of trying to provoke a war with Russia."

On Twitter, Kari Lake, a former candidate for governor of Arizona, supported Gosar's message. In 2017, she said that if she were elected governor, she would declare that the state had been invaded and deploy the National Guard to address the situation.

Gosar, along with other members of the House, called for an immediate freeze on the US' foreign aid to Ukraine in August. He noted that the Biden administration was still giving billions of dollars to the country.

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