REPORT: Biden avoids Public Events For Fear Of Gaffes

Axios reported on Friday that some White House aides are allegedly angry with President Joe Biden's light work schedule, which they claim is intended to protect the president from public scrutiny and prevent him from making embarrassing gaffes that could go viral. The report pointed out that Biden is rarely put in situations where he has to improvise or answer tough questions from journalists, making it difficult for outsiders to assess the reality of him being the oldest president in U.S. history. 

Anonymous sources told Axios that organizing public or private events with the President is a challenge, with 12 full weekends without public events, only four public events before 10 a.m., and 12 public events after 6 p.m., which are mostly dinners and receptions with foreign leaders or fundraisers. These numbers suggest that the Biden administration is intentionally keeping the President hidden from view.

According to Axios, President Joe Biden's light and limited event schedule, aimed at shielding him from public scrutiny, is also expected to be a key feature of his re-election bid, following the same strategy he used in the 2020 campaign when he largely campaigned from his basement. This approach has been likened to that of an aging monarch who is surrounded by a tight circle of loyal aides who prioritize his protection and avoid taking any risks.

Furthermore, unlike previous presidents, Biden has yet to grant interviews to major media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal. Nevertheless, the White House has cited brief Q&A "interactions" and social media influencers who are generally sympathetic to Biden as a means of reaching out to voters, bypassing traditional media channels.

Despite the fact that President Joe Biden's schedule this year seems to align with the notion of running a West Wing headed by an octogenarian, the White House has unsurprisingly refuted Axios' claims. However, there is evidence to suggest that those managing Biden are keen to keep him away from cameras, reporters, and the public, despite the drawbacks this approach entails. Biden's struggle to accurately recount fabricated stories about his background and the recent turbulence within the White House raise doubts about his ability to govern the country.

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