Creepy Biden’s dark family secrets exposed by outspoken Congresswoman

President Joe Biden’s recent appearance before schoolchildren sparked a public debate, with Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) calling out the President’s infamous controversies. Despite portraying himself as a “dull” president, Biden is no stranger to weird and unwanted attention. As a result, the outspoken Congresswoman admonished Biden for being a bit too creepy around little girls and for having disturbing secrets in his family.

Boebert reminded her followers of Biden’s history of sniffing young girls’ hair, which was well publicised even before he won the 2020 presidential election. The media were quick to share videos of Biden sniffing women’s hair at various public events, much to the nation’s disapproval. Even Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” joined in pointing out Biden’s disturbing behaviour towards women and young girls. Notably, Vanity Fair, among other mainstream outlets, also highlighted and reported his behaviour.

Boebert also drew attention to the ongoing controversy surrounding Ashley Biden’s diary, which was stolen by unknown individuals who later confessed to selling it to Project Veritas. Although fact-checking organisations, such as Snopes, didn’t authenticate its content, it purportedly contained details of Ashley Biden accusing her father of sexual abuse when she was a child. More outrageously, the liberal media ignored the scandalous accusation and refused to investigate it, while a conservative group took it upon themselves to bring such dark secrets to the light.

Lauren Boebert’s sharp remarks make it quite clear the Biden administration is failing to bring the desired change and transparency promised during the presidential campaign. Boebert’s stern stance shows that conservatives’ trust remains shattered in the government’s leadership. The congresswoman has never shied away from voicing her contentious and often divisive views, much to the consternation of many leftist lawmakers. She even raised her voice with other representatives to delay Kevin McCarthy’s appointment to the speakership but endorsed him later, albeit indirectly.

In conclusion, Representative Lauren Boebert’s unfiltered comments have brought attention to the hypocrisy of the liberal media and, more crucially, the ghost that’s been haunting President Biden even before he took office. Biden’s propensity for creepy behaviour and his daughter’s accusations make us wonder if the President is someone who can be trusted with the country. No doubt, conservatives in Congress and across America will be watching his every move to hold him to account.

Written by Staff Reports

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