Report: Dems are DEATHLY Afraid Of DeSantis 2024

The weekend saw the release of a story from Bloomberg about the excitement of Democrats over the possibility of a rematch between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. While Democrats are confident in their chances of beating Trump again, they are not as confident when it comes to Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The White House has been attacking DeSantis at every opportunity, and many ‘Resistance’ grifters have been transferring their anti-Trump hysteria onto the Florida governor.

The media has also been relentless in their attacks and smears against DeSantis, which is a red flag for those invested in Democrats holding power at the federal level. This is because polls have shown that DeSantis performs better in hypothetical match-ups than Trump does. Americans For Prosperity, a conservative grassroots organization, is making headlines by announcing their decision to actively engage in the 2024 primary.

The organization has concluded that they need to engage now as Trump mounts his third consecutive White House run. They are hoping to turn the page from Trump and support a candidate who can lead the country forward and win. Meanwhile, DeSantis has dropped his new budget proposal which includes a thriving state operating in the black, reinforcing its reserves and emergency funds, and cutting taxes. This is in stark contrast to New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s plan which proposes huge new tax increases.

This is no surprise as people have been leaving blue states like New York and California for states like Florida. For the first time ever, Florida’s workforce was larger than New York’s last year. The hyperventilations over DeSantis continue daily, including an insulting racial smear from a disgraced former journalist and an embarrassing conflation from The Atlantic’s editor.

It is not clear if DeSantis intends to run for president, but all signs point in that direction. He will be presiding over the legislative session in Florida, likely notching a string of conservative policy wins and building momentum towards a potential entry into the presidential fray some time in late spring or early summer. It remains to be seen if Democrats will be able to contain their angst over DeSantis and prevent him from winning the 2024 presidential election.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Townhall

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