Gov. Youngkin BLASTS Democrats’ Over Parental Rights In Schools

In 2021, the Democrats in Virginia failed to win a governor's race. Their candidate, Glenn Youngkin, was known for his contempt for the rights of parents in education.

After Youngkin was elected, Democrats in Virginia's legislature continued to criticize the importance of parents in the education system. This was despite the fact that he had touted the importance of having parents involved in the decision-making process. Following reports that a dozen schools in the state delayed informing the families of students who had earned academic honors, the Youngkin Administration launched an investigation into the matter.

Youngkin pushed for legislation that would require schools to notify parents and students about certain activities in the future. Unfortunately, despite being in control of the Senate, Democrats are against this common-sense measure. They're also against the efforts of teachers and unions to protect the rights of parents.

The Senate Health and Education Committee blocked Youngkin's bill, which would have required schools notify parents if their children were recognized for academic excellence. This was covered by 7News as part of our ongoing Crisis in the Classroom series.

The bill was introduced after it was revealed that many schools in Virginia failed to inform students about the national merit recognition they had earned. Although the bill was supported by both Republicans and a Democrat, the Senate Democrats blocked it from going forward.

Youngkin's reaction:

During his speech, Youngkin criticized the actions of the Senate Democrats and said that he doesn't understand how anyone could object to the fact that schools should notify parents if their children receive academic honors. He urged the Senate Democrats to put aside their politics and pass the legislation that's right for Virginia's students.

Throughout his career, Nancy Pelosi had been known to wrap up various legislation in the terms of "for the children." Unfortunately, this bill was killed by the Senate Democrats. According to multiple reports, the bureaucrats who oversee schools in Virginia claimed that the failure to inform parents about academic honors was a one-time human error. However, more evidence has revealed that this claim is a lie.

In December 2022, the schools in Fairfax County, which are part of the public school system in Virginia, told 7News that the delay in informing the students about their National Merit Scholarship was a one-time mistake. However, it seems that this claim is not true.

According to 7News, there have been at least one instance where a delay occurred. In 2020, a parent told school administrators that their child did not receive notification regarding their national merit recognition.

In November 2020, the parent emailed the administrators of a high school in Virginia to say that their child did not get notified about their academic honors.

This issue has raised questions about how long this practice has been going on, especially since it seems that the failure to inform students about their academic honors was not a one-time mistake, as claimed by the school officials. Youngkin's position on this matter is both political and moral. These numbers are significant for a conservative governor who has led a state that has been trending more bluer over the past couple of decades.

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