REPORT: Trump and DeSantis Headed Towards TITANIC Clash

Nigel Farage, who was speaking from Arizona on Wednesday morning, said that although the gains that the Republicans made in Congress would limit the ability of former Vice President Joe Biden to govern, the failure of the so-called "Red Wave" to materialise would elevate Ron DeSantis, whom many conservative voters have viewed as a potential presidential candidate. Farage made these comments while speaking from Arizona.

He noted that “within the Republican party as to whether they should pick Trump or DeSantis is going to reach fever pitch, in my opinion, over the next few weeks, and I say that as a friend of Donald Trump.”

Despite the Red Wave failing to materialize, Governor DeSantis was able to defeat Charlie Christ, a former governor of Florida, by a margin of over 20%. This marked a significant increase from the 0.4 percent margin of victory he had in the previous contest. In his victory speech, DeSantis noted that Florida had "rewritten the political map" after the state had made significant gains in areas previously held by Democrats.

Although he believed that the presidential race would be held now, he noted that Donald Trump had the advantage due to the overwhelming support from the Republican base. He also noted that DeSantis was a serious challenger to the president due to his ability to reach out to voters outside of the party's base.

Tensions have already been raised between Trump and the Florida governor, with the president labeling him as "Ron DeSantis" during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Despite his nickname, Trump still revealed that he voted for DeSantis.

Although Trump was able to support several candidates from the MAGA movement, such as Eric Schmitt in Missouri and J.D. Vance in Ohio, he was not able to support other prominent Republican candidates. Some of the key individuals who fell under the Democrats included Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania and Doug Mastriano in Florida.

At this time, several key races are still undecided. Among these are the Senate races in Arizona for the seats held by Kari Lake and Blake Masters, who are both close to the former president.

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