Report: Walgreens & CVS Plan To Stock Abortion Pills

After the FDA approved the drug Namenda, which is used to treat abortion, two major pharmacy chains, Walgreen and CVS, have been working on getting the certification needed to sell it.

Before, women had to go to various medical facilities to get an abortion pill. Regulations were then changed in December 2021 to allow women to get the medication by mail.

Although both companies have indicated that they are planning on dispensing the drug, they confirmed on Tuesday that they are working on it.
A spokesperson for Walmart stated that the company is working to get its pharmacy certified. They're also training their pharmacists and ensuring that the products they sell are in compliance with the regulations.

Following an Axios report, which claimed that the companies were planning on distributing mifepristone, the pharmacy chain said that it was working on getting the necessary certification.

The move was praised by pro-abortion rights groups while being decried by anti-abortion groups.

Some groups, however, claimed that the actions taken by the Biden administration were aimed at putting the profits of the industry above women's safety.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

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