WOW: ‘Life’ Board Game Goes Completely Woke

After her daughters brought home The Game of Life for Christmas, a mother was surprised to discover that some of its features had been changed.

Lindsay Harold stated in a Facebook post that the game had changed significantly from when she was a young child. She claims that she doesn''t recognize it anymore.

One of the game's most notable changes was the addition of a rainbow of colors, which represented different types of people. There were no boys and girls anymore, and the players could choose which color they wanted to represent themselves.

According to Hasbro's website, the game's features have been changed to allow players to move along the board while experiencing the various stages of life.

The game's message stated that having kids was a choice, and it included six different colors. Another feature that she found interesting was that it allowed players to choose between being married or not.

She also stated that in the game's woke version, players had to choose between having kids or being child-free.

On its website, Hasbro confirmed that the game had changed and allowed players to make their own decisions regarding their family, marriage, or retirement.

In the game, Harold stated that it would be best to avoid getting married and having children as they would slow you down and cost you. She also claimed that there's no point in having kids as they would never have any connection with one another. She also stated that she was not happy with the game's new version.

The Washington Examiner was not able to reach Hasbro for comment. The latest iteration of the game, which was reportedly made in 2021, featured colorful and gender-free pegs.

Some people have claimed that the game has changed. One of them noted that the new version allowed players to pursue careers in social media. This was a profession that wasn't available during the game's original 1960s iteration.

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