Ripple Effects: Tucker Carlson’s Explosive Latest Episode!

On his latest episode posted on X, formerly known as Twitter (because apparently Twitter can’t handle people with opinions), Tucker Carlson, the witty and fearless host of Fox News, revealed that his interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund never aired. So, being the fair and balanced journalist that he is, Tucker invited Sund back for another conversation about the events of January 6, 2021. And let’s just say, it was a conversation worth watching.

In this nearly hour-long exchange, Carlson raised some serious questions about the lack of accountability surrounding the Capitol riot. One of the main targets of his scrutiny was a man named Ray Epps, who was caught on tape “instigating others to break the law.” Now, you would think that this guy would be behind bars faster than you can say “liberal bias,” but nope, he’s still out there, free as a bird. It’s almost as if some people are more equal than others.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. Carlson also dug into the possible political motivations behind the security failures on that fateful day. According to Sund, military leaders were discussing locking down the city due to the potential for violence, but guess who wasn’t in the loop? Yep, you guessed it, Mr. Sund himself. Instead, on January 4th, someone named Miller decided it would be a good idea to restrict the National Guard from carrying weapons or any equipment that could help them maintain order. Because who needs weapons and civil disobedience equipment at a demonstration, right? It’s not like things could get out of hand or anything.

And then there’s the issue of Nancy Pelosi, the queen bee of the Democratic party. Apparently, she knew about the security threats beforehand but conveniently chose to keep that information to herself. And when things did start to go downhill, she made sure to delay bringing in the National Guard for a whopping 71 minutes. Talk about playing politics with people’s lives. It’s no wonder we still don’t have any answers about what really happened on January 6.

So, while the liberal media continues to downplay the seriousness of the Capitol riot and ignore the glaring security failures, kudos to Tucker Carlson for having the courage to ask the tough questions. We need more journalists like him who aren’t afraid to challenge the narrative and seek the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Watch the full interview below and see for yourself what really went down that day.

Written by Staff Reports

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