Ronna McDaniel Panics As RNC Chair Race Heats Up

Over a dozen members of the GOP National Committee have come out in support of Harmeet Dhillon, who is running to replace Ronna Romney McDaniel as the next chair.

According to a report by POLITICO, after the disastrous mid-term elections in November, many members of the Republican National Committee have started sending out emails calling for a change in leadership. They also revealed that the organization has spent a lot of money on luxury accommodations and private travel. In order to maintain her position, Ronna Romney McDaniel would need the support of around 85 of the 168 members of the committee. According to , Harmeet Dhillon believes that around 50 of them will support her.

On December 7, Dillon announced her intention to run for the leadership of the Republican National Committee. She urged members of the organization to get involved in her campaign. She noted that she was the only candidate who was willing to step up and lead the organization.

On Sunday, Laura Nakanelua, a member of the Republican National Committee from Hawaii, announced her support for Harmeet. She noted that the organization has failed to win in the past six years under the leadership of Ronna Romney McDaniel. She said that under the leadership of Harmeet, the party would be able to win in 2024.

The executive committee of the Tennessee Republican Party voted on December 10 to change the leadership of the organization. Other delegations from Arizona and Texas have also urged for the removal of Ronna Romney McDaniel. Last week, Eric Underwood, the chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party, also withdrew his endorsement of the re-election of Ronna Romney McDaniel.

According to Robin Armstrong, a Texas Republican Party official, it would be difficult for Ronna Romney to win the election due to the number of her supporters who have signed up to vote for her. However, she noted that some of her supporters might be willing to change their minds.

Last week, Mark Levin, a conservative radio host, called for the removal of Ronna Romney McDaniel from her position as the leader of the Republican National Committee.

Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York, who was instrumental in helping elect numerous Republican House members in the recent election in New York, called for the removal of Ronna Romney from her position as the leader of the national committee. He noted that the party needed new leadership.

Kurt Schlichter, a columnist and attorney, said that the members of the organization wanted to see a change in leadership. He noted that the people who are involved in the organization are the ones who make the calls and sign the checks.

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