SEC Threatens Trump’s Truth Social Platform

The success of Donald Trump's new social media platform, which was named as the top app in the Apple store, has been threatened by the SEC. According to Republican members of Congress, the agency is targeting Truth Social due to political reasons. They also believe that the agency is trying to delay the proposed merger between Trump's company, Trump Media, and another company.

The proposed merger between Truth Social and Trump Media has been delayed by the Securities and Exchange Commission for more than a year. According to the company's CEO, the delay is due to the actions of three individuals who are trying to prevent the company from being able to access the public markets.

Scott Glabe, the general counsel of Trump Media, sent a letter to members of Congress expressing his concerns about the growing influence of Big Tech in the political landscape. He noted that the free speech tradition in the country is under attack due to the companies' collaboration with the government agencies and the media.

During a recent appearance on a television show, Bryan Steil, the chairman of the Republican Party of Congress, criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to provide the public with adequate information about its investigation into the Trump campaign. He also claimed that the agency is now focused on political agendas instead of on protecting investors.

According to conservatives, ESG scores are merely attempts to achieve ideological goals, and the SEC is not transparent. Steil claims that the agency is more concerned with political agendas than with protecting investors. Republican members of Congress have asked the SEC to explain the reasons behind its decision to block the merger between Trump Media and Truth Social.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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