US Calls on Allies to Prepare as China Ramps Up Military Exercises Against Taiwan

As tensions continue to rise between China and Taiwan, the US is looking to its allies in the region for support in case of a potential conflict. While President Biden and his administration remain fixated on domestic issues, China has been ramping up military exercises against Taiwan. The window of opportunity for China is open, and as the time ticks away, the region is preparing for a possible Sino-American war.

Taiwan’s defense policy is to hold out until the United States can intervene, and the US has secured bases in Okinawa and the Philippines to deploy its forces if needed. Recently, the Philippines’ President visited the White House, and the US and Filipino forces rehearsed for a potential clash with China. However, China’s Foreign Minister also visited Manila to urge the Philippines against “picking sides.”

Japan is seen as the most likely ally to contribute troops to defend Taiwan, with its military strengths limited to self-defense. But with the invasion of Taiwan endangering Japan’s survival, Japan could boost its command and control systems and improve interoperability with the US forces.

Australia could also play a critical role as a hub to resupply the US forces and launch operations. The country is deepening its military ties with the US and upgrading its military bases. In a Taiwan crisis, Australia could be responsible for securing sea lanes, tracking Chinese vessels, and escorting US bombers en route to the Taiwan Strait.

Meanwhile, South Korea has increased its military spending and cooperation with the US. It has also entered discussions with the Pentagon about Taiwan-related contingencies. Townshend, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment, says, “we’re all worried” about the whole region.

As China continues to pose a threat to Taiwan, it is heartening to see the US’s allies in the region standing by ready to support its efforts in case of a conflict. The US must continue to strengthen its military cooperation with its allies and work towards resolving the situation to avoid any potential conflict.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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