Sen. Hawley RIPS Biden’s Elitist Policies

During an appearance on Fox News Channel's "Ingraham Angle," Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri stated that the goal of the Biden administration was to reinvigorate the US economy.

According to the Missouri Republican lawmaker, part of that was ending blue-collar work.

During the interview, Laura noted that the Obama administration had not yet delivered on its promise to reinvigorate the country's economy. According to the Missouri Senator, Joe Biden wanted to remake the country's economy so that it would no longer have blue-collar workers.

Laura Ingraham, the host of the program, noted that the senator and others had claimed that inflation would eventually subside due to the sanctions. However, China and other countries had also bought oil from Russia.

According to the senator, the country's green economy was not producing the jobs that people need. Instead, it was creating a climate that was "not conducive to the growth of the middle class." He also noted that the people who were working in the middle were not being supported by the government. "They're trying to destroy the blue-collar culture," he said.

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