Sen. Tuberville Slams Fox News, Urges Conservatives to Switch to Newsmax

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has slammed Fox News and called on conservative viewers to switch to other news networks. During an interview with Newsmax, Tuberville urged viewers to turn to Newsmax or “one of the conservative stations” instead of the “liberal” Murdoch family’s channel. Tuberville also spoke out against past Fox News firings and accused the Murdoch family of trying to silence conservative voices.

“I’m sick of it. Let them talk and speak how they want to speak. Get out of the damn way. This is a free country. But Glenn Beck, everybody that they’ve fired over there, this is a liberal family that’s trying to make a name for themselves,” Tuberville said.

Tuberville’s comments come after Fox News let go of Tucker Carlson, sparking controversy and speculation as to why. While several outlets have reported that the decision stems from lawsuits filed against the network, Fox News has remained silent on the issue. One lawsuit, filed by former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg, alleges a hostile work environment and was filed against both Carlson and the network.

Tuberville’s call for conservative viewers to switch to other networks comes as the mainstream media continues to push a liberal agenda. Newsmax, on the other hand, offers a conservative perspective and fair reporting. In these times of media bias and distortion, it is crucial for conservatives to seek out news networks that offer a balanced and accurate view of the world.

In conclusion, Tuberville’s call for conservative viewers to switch from Fox News to Newsmax or other conservative stations is a necessary step in combating the liberal media and bias. It is time for conservatives to stand up and take control of the narrative, and Newsmax is just the network to help them do it.

Written by Staff Reports

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