SHOCKING: Top Dem Calls To “Kill and confront” MAGA Republicans

During the discussion that took place on Monday evening, Democratic Representative Tim Ryan decided to double down on comments he made early in the year in which he called to "murder and confront" MAGA supporters, while also directing his rhetoric especially at J.D. Vance.

During the heated discussion between Ryan and his Republican challenger for Ohio's open seat in the United States Senate, Ryan was approached and questioned about his comments made earlier in the year on MSNBC's Morning Joe. In that interview, he stated that the exhausted majority needed to kill and fight the hardline Republican movement.

Now, during the debate, Ryan added Vance to the group of those he refers to as "extremists." In doing so, he doubled down on the words he made earlier.

Ryan asserted that one should Kill and Confront the Extremist Movement, which sadly includes J.D. Vance as a participant.

To further pin the blame for Vance's comments on the president, Ryan asked, Who says that the president of the United States is purposefully trying to kill people with fentanyl?  Who asserts that the election was tampered with?

Who is it that hangs out with Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida who wants to restrict access to books? He is frequently seen alongside Lindsey Graham, who advocates for the criminalization of abortion on a national level. Ryan was attempting to name off lawmakers Vance has came into touch with or commented on while on the campaign trail. He continued, You're chasing around Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is the absolutely looniest politician in America. Vance has mentioned Greene earlier.

Ryan concluded his speech by saying, This is a dangerous group, and we do need to address it. Because of this, Ryan is running for office to represent the "exhausted majority," which includes Democrats, Republicans, and independents who are opposed to the extreme.

During the question that came before, Vance also attacked Ryan for his previous views by adding, Tim Ryan, who runs all these television commercials claiming that he wants to connect to Trump voters, wishes to appeal to Republicans but says that he wants to 'destroy and fight'… the MAGA movement. Vance made this statement in response to the fact that Ryan had stated similar things in the past.

Vance said, That's not exactly the vocabulary of a unifier, he said.

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