Tim Ryan Gets EXPOSED As a Massive Hypocrite

Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat, declared during a debate on Monday evening that politicians who don't have the courage to speak out to their own party are a major threat to democracy. Ryan, who always votes with the leadership of his own party, made this statement despite the fact that he votes with the leadership of his own party every single time.

During the discussion, Ryan, who is running against J.D. Vance, a Republican, for the seat in the United States Senate that is now vacant in Ohio, stated that "politically," a major threat to democracy is the men who don't have the ability to speak out to their own party. Vance is the incumbent.

Nevertheless, in spite of what the congressman claims, it has been reported by ProPublica that he has voted in agreement with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) each and every time, and it has been reported by FiveThirtyEight that he has voted in agreement with President Joe Biden each and every time as well. In point of fact, Ryan sided with Trump only 16 percent of the time during the vote.

In response to this, Ryan's opponent, J.D. Vance, stated that Ryan was caught on tape cozying up to Chuck Schumer and asking him for a promotion to his new job. Vance is running against the incumbent congressman.

That's the type of man Tim Ryan has become… Tim Ryan is made to wear a mask in which he appears to be a sensible centrist, but in reality, he has stated that he is not afraid to speak out against his own party, Vance explained. Tim, over the course of the past few congresses, you have consistently voted for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. 100 percent. You adhere to the party line on each and every single subject in a consistent manner.

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