Sources Reveal: Trump May Not Face Indictment

One cannot help but roll their eyes at the ongoing circus of speculation regarding whether or not former President Donald Trump will be put in handcuffs. The allegations stem from some supposed hush money payment arrangement concerning an alleged liaison with Stormy Daniels. The case against the former president remains beyond weak, and the only thing keeping it alive are the partisan politics being played by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

However, sources close to the case revealed to Fox News Digital that Trump has not been formally notified of any impending charges against him. What’s more, sources say there is a real chance Bragg will not choose to indict the former president. It seems the whole ordeal is just a ploy to keep Trump in the media cycle and feed the partisan cravings of the left.

If an indictment does come, the former president’s team will have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of his court appearance with the Manhattan district attorney’s office. This would likely happen sometime next week, as multiple reports suggest new witnesses are being called to testify before the grand jury.

The calls for Trump’s supporters to protest in the streets in response to this speculation are misguided and only play into the Left’s hands. Such protests will provide the Democrats with yet another opportunity to paint Trump as an extremist while letting them distract the public from the true injustice, namely the Democrats trying to codify two systems of justice based on political leanings. This is a gross prosecutorial overreach that must be condemned by all who care about justice and fairness.

We urge Trump to play the long game and let the truth come out in due time. In the meantime, we remind our readers that this is nothing more than the latest partisan attempt to keep the former president in the media cycle.

Written by Staff Reports

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