Donald Trump Fights Back as Special Counsel Brings New Charges

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing criminal charges in the Special Counsel investigation related to the classified documents case, which has taken an unexpected turn. ABC News reported on Tuesday that prosecutors from the Special Counsel's office presented ‘prima facie’ evidence indicating that Trump “knowingly and intentionally misled his own lawyers about keeping classified materials after leaving his post." This development coincides with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's efforts to convene a grand jury and indict and apprehend Trump.

On Tuesday night, Trump issued a statement in reaction to the report, in which he accused ABC News of airing false allegations that were "ILLEGALLY LEAKED by a former chief judge who is now a Never Trump supporter." He further alleged that Democrats, along with their accomplices in the mainstream media, were undermining the legal process and turning the justice system into a tool to manipulate public opinion, all because they were losing the political battle.

According to Trump's statement, prosecutors resort to targeting lawyers only when they lack a solid case. He contended that he is the sole leader who is standing up for the Constitution and safeguarding the American people against an unjust system.

As per the ABC News report, Trump was allegedly part of a "criminal scheme," and prosecutors had put forth evidence that satisfied the criteria of a crime. Brandon Van Grack, a former attorney with the Department of Justice, informed ABC News that the prosecutors had presented some evidence and allegations that met the requirements of a crime.

Reportedly, the Secret Service is making preparations for Donald Trump to be handed over to authorities next week. 

It seems that the media and Democrats on the left are utilizing the justice system as a tool to sway public opinion and advance their own political agenda in their efforts to bring down President Trump. This is a severe abuse of power and an attack on our democracy. The President is being targeted based on his conservative principles and policies. Despite attempts to use the justice system to stifle opposing viewpoints, President Trump remains committed to defending the Constitution and fighting for the American people against a corrupt system.

Written by Staff Reports

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