Stanford’s SHOCKING Anti-White Diversity Push

Stanford University is making headlines for its recently selected 2023 Surgical Residency Intern Class. The prestigious college announced the group on Twitter, which caught the attention of Twitter user @EndWokeness who noticed a surprising change in demographics. According to the tweet, the new class is made up of 92% women and 69% nonwhite individuals, with zero white men accepted. These numbers are concerning and lead to questions about whether Stanford is accepting candidates based on their qualifications or their race and gender.

Many Twitter users voiced their concern, saying that the country was built on the “MERIT” system, not the “QUOTA” system. Is Stanford really pushing an anti-white and hypocritical narrative in its admissions process? How can Stanford claim to represent the population when it’s excluding a large percentage of qualified and capable candidates based on their race and gender?

It’s not just Twitter users who are alarmed by this trend. The Biden administration has expressed support for racial quotas in college admissions processes, with President Joe Biden’s press secretary even calling those against such practices “extreme” and “ultra MAGA.” But pushing an agenda based solely on identity politics is ultimately counterproductive, and it only serves to further divide and polarize our society.

The fact that white men are being systematically excluded undermines the principles of equal opportunity and fairness that our country was founded on. Even if these nonwhite and female candidates are qualified, denying white men a place in the program is not the right approach to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Stanford should be focusing on merit and qualifications, not on race and gender quotas.

In the end, what matters most is that the best candidates are selected regardless of their race or gender. Stanford should be prioritizing a candidate’s capabilities, experience, and education rather than pushing an exclusionary agenda. We cannot allow identity politics to determine who has access to opportunities and who does not; we must look at individuals based on their qualifications alone.

Written by Staff Reports

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